Special Announcement

We have not updated the customs database is quite some time (2 years.. yikes!) , although we've still been actively collecting and enjoying POPS.

Since that time,  Funko has FINALLY gotten around to making a few of the figures we made here first as customs (imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, lol!). In some cases, I really like what they've done. In others, I still prefer the custom version we made (and in a couple of cases I think they might have been influenced by our design, lol)

Which ones come under this category?

Well, take a look at our early versions of Darkseid, Magneto, Mystique, Kirk and Spock from Star Trek. Also in 2015 Funko will be coming out with Doctor WHO POPS, so take a look at our early take on David Tennant (10th) and Tom Baker (4th) for our versions....

We still regularly get emails from you customizers (and potential customizers) filled with comments and questions (and we try to answer each one the same day!)  Thanks for all of the nice words and we're glad to hear that we've either helped or inspired an ever growing population of POP customizers.

Have fun and Keep Customizing!