Site Q&A

These are examples of the most frequent questions we've received. Perhaps YOUR question is one of these?

Q.  Do you accept commisions for your customs? How much do they cost?

A.  Sorry. We do not take requests for specific Funko POP customs. All of the work you see on this site are one-of-a-kind... that is, until YOU make your OWN customs.

Q.  Do you sell completed customs on Ebay and if so under what ID?

A. Nope. We make each custom for our own enjoyment and according to our own specs and satisfaction.

Q.  Apart from the "recipes" you publish in each article, are there any tips in making these customs?

A.  Sure.  Check out the Custom Tips section for a range of tips and suggestions.

Q. Can I republish the photos and recipes on this site?

A.  Sure. We only ask that you give us appropriate credit and provide a link to our main page,

Q.  What made you want to start customizing Funko POP figures?

A.  Having already been a traditional action figure customizer as well as a customizer of other "niche" figures (i.e ever hear of Mighty Muggs?) , the idea of "filling in" a collection with figures that were not commercially available was second nature. The great appeal of the unique style of POP figures, coupled with the growing selection from Funko provides great custom fodder and great satisfaction whenever I complete a custom.

Q. What is your favorite custom that you've done?

A.  That answer changes frequently. How about I go with "the one I am working on now."

Q. How long does it take to make a custom?

A. That totally depends on the complexity of the custom, not to mention the fact that there is "down time" between priming, painting layers, sealing, drying time etc.. It really varies.

Q. Aren't you concerned that Funko will make a character you've just completed? What will you do then?

A. Yes and no.  The fact that there are "gaps" are opportunities for making customs. There is no guarantee that the commercial version will be the one I will ultimately prefer, and even if it is, consider the fun any customizer has with key characters added to his/her collection perhaps weeks, months, or even years before Funko makes one. The alternative would be too much waiting for commercial figures that might or might not eventually get made.

Q.  Why  did you start this site? If you are not selling them, why bother? Do you just have a big ego?

A. I started the site to share the results to show what was possible by fans (in general) and because, I admit, I am very happy with my customs (I'd stop making more if I wasn't). I also publish the recipes so that other folks can enjoy this part of the hobby as much as I do.  It's addictive and fun!