Welcome to my site, theFunkustomizer Files.  I'm  Richard Leigh aka TheFunkustomizer, a timely title for one who is a fan of the vinyl figures/bobbleheads made by Funko Inc. for a variety of licenses of current Popular Culture. The trouble is, even with their ever expanding line of these pint-size Pops (the brand/product line), they have not YET produced all of the characters that I would like, (with many cherished characters from my childhood comics or science fiction memories absent). Therefore, I customize.


Our aim here is to create an ever growing pictorial database (with descriptive character bios) of Funko POP customs which I have created, The inspirations might be science fiction, comics, television or something else from my Baby Boomer childhood. They are all "friends" of mine in vinyl POP form, lol!  We freely share custom "recipes" so you can learn how to make these exact customs (and we have a little basic how-to tips area as well). In short, this is a place, sprung from MY cherished childhood memories but shared with you, our honored guests in our "cyber-house."

We urge you to check out the customs in the database, leave a comment or two, send us a suggestion or ask a question (both via the comment form). Please consider sharing this site with your friends as well. Collecting and customizing Funko POP figures is  definitely a fun hobby and a great new way to enjoy your favorite characters.

Even though Funko has FINALLY gotten around to making some of the figures we made here first as customs (imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, lol!), have a look at OUR versions and tell us whether you think that Funko might have been influenced by OUR design, lol.


I'm a science fiction and comic fan "antique".  Over half a century old and I pass the time painstakingly cutting, gluing, painting and perusing little vinyl figures, transforming them from their original characters into new ones, according to my own nefarious design and whim. It's fun, painless (unless you count damage to my wallet), though more than a tad habit forming (customizing Funko POP figures can be dangerous to your Wealth).

Though once the wearer of many hats including action figure collector and customizer (did I mention that Funko Pops have minimal articulation.. their heads turn... they don't need more), I now take my love for Science Fiction and Comics and channel them into tiny vinyl figures with oversized heads. And yes, I have a VERY understanding wife of 18 years (fortunately, the cuteness factor of Funko POP figures and bobbleheads has turned her head too!)