It was way back in the 60's when Henry Pym first appeared in Tales to Astonish #35 as Ant-Man, the diminutive size-changing hero at Marvel Comics (and the analogue to the Atom at DC).

I've always been a fan of Hank Pym, scientist first and superhero second (sounds like Reed Richards too, huh?). Over the years, he changed his costume and even his Superhero name multiple times (when in complimentary super-size mode, he was also Giant Man, and later Goliath, not to mention the time when he switched his normal red togs for yellow and black ones and started calling himself  Yellowjacket, with no memory of his other identity).

Regardless, his contributions to the Avengers (along with his wife, Jan, otherwise known as the Wasp) have been significant, even if there WAS that little slip up of creating one of the most powerful super villains in existence, Ultron (hey, everybody is entitled to one mistake, right?)

Here's some reference shots of Dr. Pym aka Ant-Man (before he added the Cybernetic helmet). This was my favorite "look" for him, and how he appeared back when he helped "discover" Captain America frozen in that block of ice ....

And here's our Funko POP custom of Ant-Man!

Now reduced to a size of 4 inches tall, Ant-Man is desperately trying to escape the ferocious feline named Leo!  Run, Ant-Man, run! 

The recipe:
  • The head and body were from a Buzz Lightyear  POP, repainted.
  • The obligatory antennae were added.