Human Torch

The Silver Age version of the Human Torch made his debut in Fantastic Four #1, November 1962 (I was three at time, so I didn't read the issue real time).  Of course, this was not the original Human Torch. THAT version of the character, unlike the more modern counterpart, was NOT bombarded by cosmic rays or part of a super powered quartet of heroes. Nope, the original Human Torch was an android.  Hmm, not as interesting as Johnny Storm and definitely not as wise-crackery.

No matter, in either case, Funko (at least at the time of this writing) has NOT made a Human Torch Funko POP as yet (though I admit it is only a matter of time). However, I am the Funkustomizer and I am impatient... I want it .... NOW...

So it's time for a custom POP Human Torch!

But first the reference pics:

And now for our custom Funko POP Human Torch.... FLAME ON!!!!!!

The recipe was as follows:

  • The head is from a Beetlejuice POP. repainted
  • The body can be from any "plain" POP, i.e. Capt. America, Batman, Superman, repainted.