Reed & Sue Richards

There's nothing like family, right. And as Family's go, this one is truly Fantastic.

 Though they had their debut in November 1961 and one can argue that the famous quartet truly became bonded together as a Fantastic Four when the quartet got their awesome powers (courtesy of some cosmic rays), that's not what this entry is about. We're here to focus specifically on Reed and Sue Richards (Storm).

Remember, then that even after they were "upgraded" into Superhero status, Reed and Sue still weren't married. They were just dating, and there was that age difference too (something I identify with since my wife and I are similarly having a classic age difference as well. In fact, it wasn't until Fantastic Four Annual 1 #3 in Oct 1965 when Sue and Reed officially tied the knot and became husband and wife (and in a 72 page extravaganza which featured cameos from practically every Marvel hero and villain at that time, definitely a favorite issue of mine).

As if you needed it, here's a classic Jack Kirby illustrated reference pic:

 And here's our Reed and Sue (with the Human Torch and the Thing)

The recipe for our custom Funko POP Reed and Sue are as follows (note: The Thing is a stock Funko  figure and our custom Human Torch is covered on his own page):

Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic):

  • The Head is from a Shazam POP, repainted.
  • The body is from a Sinestro POP, repainted and with one arm removed. The oversized arm is from a Hasbro Signature Series Mr. Fantastic action figure, resized and attached.
Sue Richards (Invisible Woman):

  • The Head and body are from a Wonder Woman POP, repainted.
  • The hair was reshaped using magic sculp.

See our Human Torch page for his recipe.