Doctor Who (Tom Baker) custom Funko Pop

(Note: This is another in our series of custom Funko POP figures of the Doctor Who Time Lords. Be sure to check out the rest by selecting "Doctor Who" from our search list.")

Well, where do I begin? (A long time ago on Gallifrey, there was a young Time Lord...) Actually, that's getting ahead of ourselves.  Grab a seat, mind the wet paint and do try not to activate the temporal transducer and send us all back to the 1970's (I've been there, you know, and once was quite enough).

So, are you still with me? Good. 

 If you're as old as I am, he IS the Doctor for you (though sometimes his predecessor, Jon Pertwee, tries to take that title from my subconscious memories).

The pic below is the finished product, shown inside his Tardis. He is complete with the telltale extra long scarf (don't ask about the hat), the long brown coat (I asked you not to mention the missing hat), and the enormous crop of wavy brown hair (alright, already, I didn't make the damn hat, so sue me. He rarely wore it anyway.  Here's a comparison shot.

and the custom Pop version:

                                                             Click the Pic to Enlarge

As far as the custom recipe goes, it's quite simple.

1. The head is from a Funko POP Bilbo Figure
2. The body is from a Funko POP Bane Figure (for the long coat)
3. The scarf is sculpted with Magic Sculpt.
4. The Tardis is a Type 40 (now obsolete) from Gallifrey. (It's bigger on the insider, you know, as seen in the first pic).

Add ingredients, stir well, and before long, you'll have your own mini Timelord.