Darkseid custom Funko POP

I remember it like it was yesterday (I'm quite old, you see.. not quite from the Jurassic but close, I'm a Baby Boomer ...). It was  November 1970 and there was a brief cameo in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (Nov 1970) of a new and scary villain to the roster of DC comics... DARKSEID !!

Being a devoted Jack Kirby fan since his classic days at Marvel in the early/mid '60s (I told you I am "older than dirt" !)  I excitedly waited and watched for "the King's" move to DC and I wasn't disappointed.  Central to the colossal cosmic tale of New Gods was the villainous Darkseid, supreme ruler of Apokolips, wielder of the Omega Beams and all around nasty guy. Though he's been depicted in various ways since 1970, both in comics and on animated TV, his grim countenance remains constant.

Naturally, I wanted a Darkseid POP figure but as yet (Jan 2013), Funko has not made a Darkseid POP figure .. so it's TheFunkustomizer to the rescue ..

Here are some reference pics:

And now, the customized Darkseid (with his arch enemy, Superman!

 Yes, I know, he looks "cute".  ALL POPS LOOK cute. Even so, he remains one of the most powerful beings in the DC universe (not too shabby if you are only 4" tall.... the POP figure that is, not Kirby's Classic creation.

So, translating this Evil Cosmic Ruler (ECR for short) was relatively easy. Here's the recipe:

1. The head AND the body actually are from a Funko POP Thing.
2. The head has been resculpted with Magic Sculpt, both on the forehead and the blue "cap" that Darkseid wears (wonder if he has a bald spot?)

So, just sculpt and paint and  before you can say Anti-Life-Equation, you'll have yourself a custom Darkseid POP.