Doctor Who custom POP Cyberman

Next to the Daleks, the Cyberman are easily one of the most classically identifiable villainous monsters depicted on Doctor Who. With their lumbering walk and monotone voice, they stomp around in formation, promising to "upgrade" us humans. The catch? Well, having one's brain removed and encased into a metal shell is the cost of admission. I think I'll pass.

The Cyberman have undergone a variety of changes in design over the years but every version still retains some of the basic design elements (not to mention the menacing look).

Here are a couple of reference pics:

Now for my custom Funko POP Cyberman:

The custom recipe:

  • The head and body are from an Iron Man 2 POP
  • The headpiece is custom made from several odds and ends including a couple of action figure stands, a playmobil connector and a couple of socket pieces.
  • The processing center was provided by the Cyber Leader. 
Would you like to be upgraded?