Captain Cold

SPECIAL NOTE:  Captain Cold is one of the Legion of Doom. Check our Database as we make EACH of these Supervillains, featured on the classic Superfriends TV show

 I've always seen Captain Cold (a classic villain of the Flash) as the Rodney Dangerfield of DC Comics. He gets "no respect ... no respect at all". Compared to the much more famous and popular Mister Freeze (of Batman fame), this terrible temperature minded villain always seems to be second rate. Still, at least some of us classic Silver Age fans find him to be

Making his debut in Showcase #8 in February 1957, the Captain has definitely been around for some time.   Leonard Snart (what a name!) aka Captain Cold is the definitive leader of the Rogues gallery, the group of villains who are the collective nemesis to the Flash and generally make the scarlet speedster's head spin. Yet, unlike conventional supervillains (if there is such a thing), these baddies have a definitive "code" they follow to be counted as part of their club.  While Captain Cold is not superpowered in the traditional sense (nothing shoots from his fingertips or eyes for example), his freeze ray is enough of a chilling accessory to ensure his standing as the classic Arch-enemy of the Flash.

Now, if non comics fans could only remember him as well as they know Mister Freeze.  Poor, poor Leonard.

As usual, we have no stock Captain Cold Funko POP! figure as yet so it's time for me, TheFunkustomizer to use my "cool" customizing powers to create one.

Here's our classic reference pic of Captain Cold:

And here's our Custom Captain Cold Funko POP custom, along with his fellow Rogue, Black Manta (who has a separate entry).

The frosty recipe is quite straightforward.

  • Both the head and body for Captain Cold are from a Doctor Doom POP. He has been resculpted (face, hood and shoulder ruff) with Magic Sculpt and repainted.