There is something wickedly alluring, mysterious and provocative about the character of Mystique. It reminds me of the old line said by Jessica Rabbit (from the Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie) " I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way."

Maybe it's a combination of the way that Mystique has been traditionally drawn, her sultry attitude or her blue skin (not to mention her appearance sans clothing in the X-Men movie), but Mystique is a character with character.

Originally appearing in Ms. Marvel #16 in May 1978, Mystique (aka Raven Darkhölme) has had a prominent role in many Marvel X-Men comics. She is the mother of X-men Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) as well as the adoptive mother of popular X-Men member, Rogue. Mystique's role in the Marvel universe is often as changeable as her form, having at different times, created her own version of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, worked with the FBI, enjoyed a life as a high fashion model and was even a member of the X-Men herself at one time. Whew. She's been busy.

Of course, I wanted a Funko POP figure of Mystique for my collection but as of this moment, that does not exist. It's custom POP! figure time!!

Here are a couple of reference pics:

And here is our custom Funko POP! figure of Mystique (pictured here with Magneto)

The recipe is quite simple:

  • Both the head and body are a Daenerys Targaryen POP, repainted and with the dragon on her arm removed.
  • The recipe of Magneto is listed on his own article page.