There are few Marvel characters more multi-faceted or complex as Magneto (born Max Eisenhardt, also known as Magnus and Erik Lehnsherr or Lensherr). This Master of Magnetism has a personality to match, captivating the readers with his dynamic personality and persuasive arguments on the future of mutantkind (which often intertwine and diverge from those of his friend/enemy Xavier, Professor X.

Magneto is also a family man, being the father of both Quicksilver (Pietro) and the Scarlet Witch (Wanda) and that in itself adds another level of complexity and complications with any plots involving the X-Men or the Avengers.

Created and appearing first in X-Men #1 (September 1963), this powerful Mutant leader stands as noteworthy not only because of his mutant powers of magnetism but also because he serves as a voice for a particular perspective of an oppressed minority, mutantkind.

At the moment, Funko Inc. hasn't yet made a POP figure of Magneto. That has to change, thanks to me, the Funkustomizer.

Here is the obligatory reference picture of  Magneto:

And here is our custom Funko POP Magneto figure(shown here with Mystique):

Wow, he looks upset!!

The customs recipe for Magneto is:

  • The head is from a 300 King Leonidas POP, repainted and with his helmet reshaped (the top piece removed)
  • The body is from an Avengers THOR POP, repainted and with the hammer removed.
The attitude and power is pure Magneto!

(The recipe for Mystique is located on her own article entry).