I've always felt that Firestorm was something different and special. Sure, he has nuclear powers and is actually composed of two people (originally), student Ronald Raymond and teacher Martin Stein. Yet, there's more to it than that. Firestorm is on the cusp of the world of "classic" DC and a more modern incarnation of DC comics (the one that just preceded the CURRENT incarnation of the comics, confused yet?)

In fact, prominent artist Alex Ross makes his dividing line of "classic" comic characters Firestorm (as opposed to the Kyle Raynor Green Lantern, who he refuses to draw). Firestorm is on the cusp of  classic vs. (recently) modern DC and the cusp of the Crisis on Infinite Earth's saga (1985).

First conceived in Firestorm the Nuclear Man in March 1978, this sometimes brash but honorable character is actually composed of two normal human beings who combine to form Firestorm. The one "doing the driving", Ronald Raymond is the young and sometimes brash student, while his mentor, teacher, Martin Stein is also their "in spirit".

So why don't we have a Firestorm POP figure?  It's time to resolve that FUNKO oversight.

Here's a reference picture of the classic Firestorm character:

And here is our custom Funko POP version of Firestorm:

 The recipe for Firestorm is as follows:

  • The head is from a Funko POP Ghost rider, repainted and with significent sculpted alternations (with Magic Sculp)
  • The body is from a POP Wolverine, with the claws, removed.

Now, Firestorm stands ready to take his place with the rest of the Justice League!