Red Tornado

Some folks find it easy to dismiss DC Comics character, the Red Tornado, as that company's answer to Marvel's Vision, an android, pure and simple.  They're both Pinocchio, and like Star Trek's Data, the fun is in telling stories which tweak that progression from cybernetic to cells.

That is absolutely correct ... sort of .. kind of .. maybe.

The tale of the Red Tornado gets increasingly complicated, both Pre and Post-Crisis versions (and if you don't know what Crisis was, you are either not an avid Comics reader, or way, way too young...)  Red Tornado has, at different times, been an android, an air elemental, a tornado-based alien from the planet Rann. In fact, the latter incarnation as the alien Tornado Champion gets his memory wiped as he is encased in the metal body, effectively making him an android (if you think this sounds as complicated as most old television soap operas, you are absolutely right). It doesn't get much easier in Post-Crisis times, either.  We eliminate the alien origin and substitute an air elemental instead, who also gets a soul, a human body, then is trapped in the metal body (which has now been rebuilt).. and ... whew, am I tired.

OK, so the saga of the Red Tornado is complicated, and resembles a stew made by a team of chefs, each one, adding his favorite ingrediants, trying to counteract the others. However, there is ONE thing in common with all of these variations: WE STILL DON"T HAVE A FUNKO POP OF THE RED TORNADO (and that leaves a tornado-shaped hole in our Justice League display).

Enter me, theFunkustomizer (also known to my wife as Compulsive Man!). I had to create a custom POP! figure of Red Tornado ... and I did, but first, the requisite reference pictures:

And here's our custom Funko POP! Red Tornado figure:

Here is the customs recipe:

  • The head is from a classic Iron Man POP, repainted (we could have gone with a Martian Manhunter POP, but ultimately decided for variety's sake, to choose the more robotic look).
  • The body is from an Avengers Thor POP, repainted and with the hammer removed.