Black Widow

Sure, there are legions of movie-goers who are now VERY familiar with the character of the Black Widow, thanks to the blockbuster Avengers movie. However, how many of them have a long history admiring and enjoying her exploits from the original Marvel comics source material?

Natalia Romanova aka Natasha Romanoff made her comics debut way back in April 1964 in Tales of Suspense #52. While characterizations varied slightly from time to time, the Black Widow was almost always the sleek and sultry super spy, and has been associated with a number of groups including (and most obvious now) the Avengers, but also SHIELD, the Defenders, the Thunderbolts and the Champions.  (There have also been a few other personages who claimed that title, besides Natasha, both in the Marvel 616 Universe as well as the Ultimate Doppleganger one, though none are as famous.

Given the enormous popularity of the Avengers movie it seemed obvious that Funko would release a Black Widow POP to stand alongside her comrades. Yet, while Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and even the Hulk made the cut, Black Widow (as well as her sometimes more-than-friend, Hawkeye) were nowhere to be found.  It has to be a conspiracy, the evil machinations of Loki or maybe a corporate oversight (that STILL hasn't been corrected).

In any event, we'll correct  it (and quite easily too). For those STILL unfamiliar with the Black Widow (you HAVE heard of the Avengers, right??), here's a comic book based reference pic.

And here's our custom Funko POP Black Widow:

The extremely easy recipe to make your own custom Black Widow POP is:
  • The head is from a Phoenix POP.
  • The body is from a Catwoman POP, repainted with the belt and widow's sting. 
That's it!!