Jonny Quest

Wow. Those were the days... 1960's children's cartoons. Imagine action and adventure on a par with ANY adult live action show. How about regularly placing child heroes in real jeopardy? Then there's the use of guns with bullets being fired at them as well as equal gunfire from good guys (Race Bannon and Dr. Quest), regularly being directed toward the evil doers and equally often  killing them unequivocally and without mercy. Wow.

This was the stuff of Saturday morning cartoon fare during 1964-65 that I saw (as a little 5-6 year old) when Jonny Quest hit the airwaves. For 26 exciting episodes, viewers were treated to real first class action adventure, which just happened to be animated. The continuing saga of Jonny, his Dad (Dr. Quest), their bodyguard Roger "Race" Bannon, their dog Bandit and before too long, the addition of Jonny's friend Hadji, kept throngs of Baby Boomers like myself as well as their parents enthralled.  And who can ever forget that original theme music. It still tops ALL others as my favorite action/adventure theme music. It was definitely another nifty nugget in the Golden Age of  the Baby Boomers. Thanks you Warner Brothers!

And we don't have POPS yet from Funko for Jonny Quest. Oh the agony ....

Luckily, I did not allow that intolerable situation to last too. It's the Funkustomizer to the rescue!

For those who remember fondly (or for those born too late), here's our reference pic:

And finally here is our custom Funko POP Jonny Quest and co. (Dr. Quest and Race Bannon).

The recipes are as follows:

Jonny Quest

  • The head is from a Hermie the Elf POP, repainted and resculpted (to remove the hat).
  • The body is also from the same POP, painted and resculpted to remove the pointy toe shoes, change the sleeves and the collar.

Race Bannon

  • Both the head and the body are from a Shazam POP, repainted, with the cape removed.

Dr. Quest

  • The head is from a Kevin Love NBA POP.
  • The body is from a Two-Face POP, repainted.

We'll probably add a Hadji and Bandit before too long to complete the group, so check back soon!!