Doctor Who (Jon Pertwee) Custom POP

(Note: This is another in our series of custom Funko POP figures of the Doctor Who Time Lords. Be sure to check out the rest by selecting "Doctor Who" from our search list.")

The third doctor, portrayed by Jon Pertwee, from 1970-1974 is a very interesting incarnation of Doctor Who, and perhaps a unique one in several ways. Unlike his other versions (before or since), this Doctor was witty, warm, avuncular, charming and even knew Venusian aikido (sometimes also referred to as Venusian karate) and wore an extensive wardrobe of velvet suits and frilly sleeves.

This was the Doctor Who for the James Bond years. Exiled and confined to Earth for most of his tenure, he had a penchant for adventure, driving all manner of vehicles (including Bessie, his prized yellow vintage auto), and acting suave and sophisticated, before dispatching such baddies as Daleks, Silurians and of course, his arch enemy, the Master (skillfully played by the sorely missed, Roger Delgado).

This was not the quirky Who, the overly emotional Who or even the cranky Who. Jon Pertwee's interpretation of the Doctor was a one-of-a-kind, and perhaps ideal for those bygone days.

Naturally, I would like a Doctor Who POP! figure of Jon Pertwee, but alas, Funko has not made one as of this writing.

No matter, we will make our own. While the 3rd Doctor had a wide and diverse wardrobe of velvet suits, we've chosen to go with a variation of his maroon one... here's a reference pic:

And here is our Jon Pertwee custom Funko Doctor Who (minus the purple cape):

The recipe is as follows:

  • The head is from a Johnny Rotten POP, repainted (and earring removed)
  • The body is from a Mad Hatter POP, repainted and with frilly sleeves sculpted on and tea cup removed.
  • The Tardis is a type 40 (now obsolete) issued on Gallifrey and reported missing.