The Master (Roger Delgado)

I've always regarded the character of the Master, the evil Time Lord who is sometimes referred to as the arch-enemy of Doctor Who, as the quintessential Moriarty, playing opposite the Doctor's version of Sherlock Holmes. He's suave, brilliant and ruthless but never crude, crazy or crass. It was reassuring to me to listen to vintage Doctor Who television interviews and to discover that many of the TV program's  creators (the classic, pre-2005 version, that is), viewed the Master in precisely the same manner.

Given those parameters, the portrayal of the sinister Timelord by Roger Delgado is head and shoulders above the attempt by his successor Anthony Ainley (though he gives it a valiant attempt) and not even to be compared with the weird  portrayal of the Master as sadistic psycho which modern Who fans had to endure (as portrayed by John Simm), the less said about, the better.

Appearing first in the Terror the Autons in 1971 and sharing the limelight for 8 stories until Frontier in Space in 1973, the image of the charmingly sophisticated yet evil Time Lord, perhaps even superior to the Doctor in technical expertise, has been burned into my subconcious.

And of course, we do not have a Funko POP figure of the Master (or any POP Doctor Who related figures for that matter, as of this writing.   something I decided to remedy.

Here's the reference pic of our favorite baddie:

and here's our custom POP Doctor Who figure of the Master:

The customs recipe to easily create your Arch-villain is as follows:

  • Both the head and body are from a Sinestro, POP, repainted. In fact, it's difficult to look at a Sinestro POP without seeing the Master in there!