Star Trek (classic)

Now, here was my favorite science fiction show growing up as a kid in the 1960's. (Yes, I saw it real time, I'm O-L-D... ). Even with its limited budget and saddled with primitive special effects (my todays CGI standards), there is still something very magical about the original Star Trek.  The original episodes with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy portraying James Kirk and Mr. Spock are classic entertainment (with the possible exception of the notarious "Spock's Brain" episode, lol).

So, why don't we have POP figures from Funko?  Well, at the time I am writing this it was recently announced that competing company, Biff Bang Pow had secured the rights to Star Trek for bobbleheads so that might make it difficult (but perhaps not impossible) for Funko do gain access to the property.

No matter. I am TheFunkustomizer.  Just get me some dilithium crystals, some anti-matter and some acrylic paint and the result will be some Star Trek custom Funko POP figures.

We don't need a reference picture but hey, why not...

And here are our custom Funko POP Star Trek Kirk and Spock figures:

All ahead Warp Factor Three! 

The customs recipe for our fearless Federation heroes is as follows:

Capt. Kirk
  • The head is from an Aquaman POP, repainted.
  • The body is from a George Harrison POP, repainted.
Mr. Spock
  • The head is from a George Harrison POP, repainted and resculpted.
  • The body is also from a George Harrison POP, repainted.
  • The hand phaser is a standard Type 2 issue,
What's all this about alternate timelines???   In my POP Trekverse, we're too busy fighting Romulans and Klingons.  The planet Vulcan is very much intact, thank you too!! LOL!