Sinestro (classic comic/superfriends version)

SPECIAL NOTE:  Sinestro is one of the Legion of Doom. Check our Database as we make EACH of these Supervillains, featured on the classic Superfriends TV show.

While he might have gained a tremendous popularity over the past several years, the classic DC comics Green Lantern villain, Sinestro, actually has his roots set much further into the past.  

Making his debut back in Green Lantern (vol 2), July-Aug. 1961, Sinestro, later revealed to be a former Green Lantern from the planet Korugar stands as not only a classic Silver Age GL villain, but also a complicated multi-layered character, acting as both mentor to Hal Jordan, the classic Green Lantern of Earth but and renegade ring wielder.

More recently, Sinestro's popularity with current comic book readers has zoomed upward and his saga has become increasingly complex and tragic (Yellow Lantern Corps, anyone?)

Still, for fans of the classic Silver Age comics, or those old enough to recall the Superfriends TV cartoon of several decades back, Sinestro remains the archetypal arch-enemy, the perfect foil to Hal Jordan's Green Lantern.

The official Funko POP figure, made in conjunction with the Green Lantern movie, only depicts Sinestro as wearing his Green Lantern uniform, rather than these earlier styles.  

Time for TheFunkustomizer to remedy that, with a simple repaint custom Funko POP Silver Age Comic Book style Sinestro!

Here's a couple of reference pics how Sincestro has been pictured in the Silver Age comics and on the Superfriends:

 And here's our custom Classic Sinestro POP! Figure:

We've pictured him with a few of his other Legion of Doom comrades (check our other Legion of Doom Entries for more),

The recipe is a snap, no power ring necessary:

Sinestro is just a simple repaint.