Doctor Who ( Christopher Eccleston) 9th Doctor

(Note: This is another in our series of custom Funko POP figures of the Doctor Who Time Lords. Be sure to check out the rest by selecting "Doctor Who" from our search list.")

There is something amazing about Christopher Eccleston's portrayal of the 9th incarnation of Doctor Who very appealing. I'm not sure if it is the manic grin, the constant flip from serious to satire or maybe it's just that he's from the North (most planets have a North). 

In any event, despite the fact that he only starred in the role for a single season, This was my favorite of the modern Doctor's thusfar (my wife, who is a David Tennant fan, would disagree).

As such, I wished that Funko Inc. had made a custom Doctor Who POP figure of him, but unfortunately, as of the date I am writing this (Feb 2013), they have not.

Not to worry. I'm the Funkustomizer, last of the Funkustomizer-Lords, veteran of the Customs Wars and ... well, you get the idea.  

I had to make my own.

Here's the usual reference picture: 

 And here is our 9th Doctor custom POP Doctor Who figure:

Doesn't he look ..... FANTASTIC??  

Here's the customs recipe:

  • The head was from a POP Blake Griffith NBA, repainted and with the additional enlarged "ears" sculpted with Magic Sculp.
  • The body was from an Avengers Nick Fury POP, repainted.
  • The Tardis is an obsolete type 40 (with a broken chameleon circuit).