X-Men (classic 1960's)

It was early in 1963 when Marvel comics first brought the concept of Mutants to our minds, in uncanny book, the X-Men.  This strange and powerful team, consisting of the Beast, Angel, Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Ice Man, and lead by their telepathic mentor, Charles Xavier was definitely something very different.

The X-Men appealed to its teenage audience who knew first hand about bodily transformations and the discomfort that can result. While I was only 4 years old when the book was first published, I soon "caught up" and was similarly transfixed, reading about these "older kids" at Xavier's school for Gifted Youngsters.

The team has undergone many changes and additions over the years. Yet, only recently has Marvel attempted to return to its roots, and through a time travel story which takes the original 1960's team into  the present, introduce a whole new generation of readers to the Classic iconic original X-Men team.

Unfortunately, as of this date (early 2013), Funko Inc. has NOT made this version of the X-Men team as POP figures.

Does that stop me, the Funkustomizer, with my mutant customizing powers?? Never!

Here's a reference pic of the original X-Men team:

And here's the entire team of classic X-Men as custom Funko POP figures:

And of course, Professor X is there to lead his X-men. It looks like the Sentinels, however, have unexpectedly showed up too!  Perhaps they want the Customizing Recipe... they can't have it but YOU can, dear reader.

We chose to go with a variety of different heads rather than repeat a single hooded head (say Capt. America) over and over, just to make the team members look individual. 

Marvel Girl

  • Head from Batgirl POP, repainted and pointy ears removed.
  • Body from Batgirl pop, repainted and cape removed.
  •  Head and Body from Hawkman POP, repainted. Head resculpted.
  • Head from Capt. America (Avengers version) POP, repainted.
  • Body from Hulk POP, repainted.
  •  Head from Superman POP, repainted, snowball effect via Magic Sculp.
  • Body from Capt. America POP, repainted, snowball effect via Magic Sculp.
  •  Head from Batman POP (ears removed), repainted.
  • Body from  Shazam POP, repainted.
  • Visor custom made from odds and ends.
Professor X
  •  Head and Body from Martian Manhunter POP, repainted, cape removed
  • Wheelchair made from round action figure stands and Mego Star Trek chair (excluding the base)
The Sentinels appear courtesty of Bolivar Trask and Mastermold.

THERE you have it, True Believers! Does it feel like the 1960's again, the Marvel Age of Comics??  Given the amount of time it took to complete this team, I certainly hope so.

'Nuff Said.