The Fantastic Four have had a myriad of challenging villains over the years ranging from the most famous (Doctor Doom) to the very unusual (the Mole Man). However, for sheer power and scope, few can match the terror of the Super-Skrull.

A warrior of the Imperial Skrull empire (actually named Kl'rt), this alien had his body physically augmented by order of his Emperor, in order to do combat with the Fantastic Four. Now possessing the combined powers of all of the members of the FF, the Super-Skrull is more than a match for each individual member!  And if that wasn't bad enough, he's been repeatedly attacking them since he made his debut in Fantastic Four #18 in September 1963.

Naturally, after creating a custom Reed, Sue and the Human Torch (listed in a separate database entry), in order to go along with the stock Funko POP Doctor Doom and the Thing, I had to have more of the classic Silver Age FF foes for our heroes to confront. Unfortunately, Funko still hasn't made a Super-Skrull POP.... but theFunkustomizer (that's me!) did.

Here's our regular reference pic:

And here is our custom Funko POP of the Super-Skrull (shown here along with our Custom POP Fantastic Four members as well as The Thing):

Here's the custom recipe for the custom POP Super-Skrull:

  • The head is from a Toy Story Alien POP, repainted.
  • The body is from a classic Iron Man POP, repainted.
  • The attitude is pure Skrull.
Note: The recipes for the custom POP Reed Richards, Sue Richard and Human Torch POP figures are listed in a separate article in our database.