Namor the Sub-Mariner

As a Baby Boomer (born in '59), it's tempting to believe that I've witnessed just about everything being created at Marvel Comics right from the beginning in the early 1960's. That is definitely true ... about 98% of the time as almost all of the "House of Ideas" was built at that time. However (you knew that was coming, right?), there are a few Marvel Comics characters that actually pre-date, the creation of Marvel Comics. These would include Captain America, the Human Torch (the original android, NOT the Fantastic Four's Johnny Storm), and ... Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

We can thank artist-writer Bill Everett with the creation of the Sub-Mariner who made his debut in October 1939 in Marvel Comics #1... which was actually published by Timely Comics, as Marvel Comics didn't exist yet ... (confused?)

Named by spelling "Roman" backwards, this Prince of Atlantis was the son of a human sea captain and an Atlantean Princess. He would have numerous adventures during the 1940's, often fighting both the surface dwellers in general and the Nazi Menace in particular (often with his ally, Captain America). It would be decades later (after the creation of Marvel comics) that a young Johnny Storm would discover  that the Sub-Mariner still lived, though suffering from amnesia (and thinking he was a human). After cleaning him up, it was clear it was Namor. One look at Johnny's sister Sue and the Atlantean prince definitely was  feeling sprightly again!

The original Sub-Mariner was drawn in an interesting manner, with an elongated head and long curvy eyebrows, depicting his otherwordly nature (not to mention the little wings on his feet, lol).  Since Funko Inc, still has not made a POP figure of Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner as of today, it was clear that my custom Namor would have to have these crucial features (anything else is just not Subby!).

Here's the reference pic:

And here is our custom Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner Funko POP figure (shown here with Sue and Reed Richards:

The recipe for the Sub-Mariner is as follows:

  • The head is from a Sinestro POP, repainted (crucial for the all important Everett/Kirby "look").
  • The body is from a POP Chernabog, repainted in Silver age colors and with belt, armbands and wings-on-feet sculpted on with Magic Sculp.
Note: The recipe for Reed and Sue are listed in their respective entries in our customs database.