Supergirl (Silver Age)

Kara Zor-el ,aka Supergirl is actually older than I am, by a full year, having been originally created by Otto Binder and designed by artist Al Plastino for Superman #123 in August of 1958. Yet, her youthful  appearance and warm demeanor are as pristine today as they were those many decades ago (admittedly,    the more modern "takes" on the character over the years have added a nymph-like sex-appeal to Kara, which was certainly not present in the original Silver Age version).

In any case, Superman's cousin, though duplicating his Kryptonian heritage and abilities, survives to this day as a separate and vital character to the DC Universe. (We won't go into that unfortunate element of the original character's "death" in the Crisis on Infinite Earth's Saga, which many say is the obvious division point between the original Supergirl and any subsequent reboot, re-imagine, ret-con or anything new 52 (i.e. the current ... yechh.. DC Universe).

For me, regardless of such literary hocus pocus, there is still an Earth-1 where a Kryptonian girl still happily flies through the sky under Earth's Yellow Sun.

Now, all we needed as a Funko POP figure of Supergirl. Finding none (at the time of this writing), I had to create my own custom. Though she's undergone many costume changes over the years (red skirt, bare midriff, white t-shirt, headband, etc...), this is the original classic Silver Age Supergirl:

And here is our custom Funko POP Supergirl (shown here with Brainiac):

The recipe is as follows:
  • The head is from an Ariel POP figure, repainted.
  • The body is from a Wonder Woman POP figure, repainted, with the belt sculpted on with Magic Sculp, a decal emblem added as well as a trimmed down Superman POP cape attached.
Note: the custom recipe for Brainiac is contained in the custom database entry for him.