Bizarro (Silver Age)

The reversed, mirror imaged, backwards Superman called Bizarro has always been a character I have enjoyed over the years. With his odd reverse-speak and his "worst intentions" (which are actually best intentions, get it?), he has repeatedly wreaked havoc for Superman and his friends.  In recent years, Bizarro has been depicted as more mean spirited and drawn differently (grey skin, lumbering body, evil grin etc..) That's a far cry from the Silver Age version of Bizarro, depicted here. He's not evil, just misunderstood.

Or in his own words:

"Me am Bizarro custom Funko POP figure. Me am very unhappy you took time to see my picture, which all other bizarros agree am very ugly! No Thank you very much and go away soon!" 

So, here's the classic Silver Age reference pics:

And here's our custom Funko POP of Bizarro (silver age) :

The recipe for Bizarro is very easy.

  • The head and body are obviously a stock Funko Superman.
  • Apart from the white skin, the suit has also been repainted a lighter Silver Age blue, a Backwards "S" logo added (decal) and the important "Bizarro #1" Sign, crucial to distinguish him from all of the other Bizarro's was created.
Bizarro says:

"With difficult try, me am not sure you will not make Bizarro custom as ugly as this one am."

SPECIAL NOTE:  Bizarro is one of the Legion of Doom. Check our Database as we make EACH of these Supervillains, featured on the classic Superfriends TV show.