Superman (Silver Age)

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am a big fan of Superman. Being a baby boomer now in my fiftieth decade, MY superman is the vintage Silver Age variety (and wears his trunks on the outside, thank you very much).

The good people at Funko Inc. made a great Superman POP figure but unfortunately, it is of a later design of Superman. You see, somewhere back in the dust covered eighties, his costume suddenly was darkened to a different shade of blue (at about the same time his almost Godlike power levels were decreased).

Needless to say, I prefer the classic (Curt Swan artistically styled), Silver Age Supes, rather than the more modern one (don't even get me started on the current design, sans trunks ).

Time for a quickie super easy (they don't get any easier), custom Funko POP fix.

Here's a reference comparison pic:

 Wow, what a difference between the Silver Age (left) and the more modern (in this case, drawn in an Alex Ross style) on the right.

So here's a similar comparison, now Funko POP custom style:

Stock Superman (left)  Custom Silver Age Superman (right)

Now ... much better.

And it's Up, up and away!!

Extra: Here's a pic of our "improved" Superman posing with the rest of the JLA at the Hall of Justice. Where's Green Arrow, you ask?  Well, who do you think took the picture?