The Vision Custom POP

Appearing in the Avengers #57 comic book, starting in October 1968, the Vision was a favorite character of mine (yes, there was an earlier version of the character created in 1940 by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, but that was before my time!).

Something about this android (actually technically called a "synthezoid"), originally created by the evil Ultron was gripping and intriguing to my 9 year old brain, back in 1968. The fact was that he became a sort of semi-tragic character as he was transitioned into being a "good guy", now imprinted with the memory patterns of the then-deceased Simon Williams. Was the Vision more humanoid than robotic? Well, Wanda Maximoff, the mutant Scarlet Witch, might answer the latter, since she fell in love with him and (via her hex-power) even had 2 children by him (which were more recently ret-conned out of existence by Marvel Comics).

In some ways, the Vision was similar to DC Comics' Martian manhunter, in both appearance and the fact that he was often depicted as lonely under than cold exterior.

As of the moment, Funko hasn't yet made a POP figure of the vision, so it's customizing time (and this is a very easy one!)

First the reference pic:

And now my custom Funko POP figure:

The recipe for the vision is ridiculously simple and appropriate to his comparison to the Martian Manhunter.

  • The entire figure is a repaint of the Funko Martian Manhunter POP.
  • The only add-ons are the two tiny yellow diamond decals on his head and chest.
Wow.. That was a quick custom...

Relocating him to the Avengers Mansion, as seen in the pic, took a bit more time...

Will we make a custom of Wanda, the Scarlet Witch to go with the Vision? Or perhaps even Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man, to complete the romantic triangle? All we can say is ... watch this space!  'Nuff said.