Space Ghost (& friends) Custom POP

It's September 10, 1966 and I am 7 years old.  Turning on our living room television set (the color one.... ooh ahh), I turn on the Saturday morning cartoons, not knowing that in a few minutes, I would be transported .... someplace wonderful.. the set "warms up" (they did that back then... transistors and tubes... retro tech) and suddenly a space ship streaks across the screen.

It's the Phantom Cruiser!

And aboard .... it's ...

S-P-A-C-E  G-H-O-S-T !!!!!

Wow, just wow (experiencing a childhood "cherished moment" flashback... feel the rush of endorphins.... )

From 1966 to 1968 (the first of two runs on TV), Baby boomers like me were treated to the exploits of Space Ghost, Jan, Jayce and their Space Monkey Blip (made perfect sense to me, I was only  Nasty villains such as Zorak, Brak, Metallus and Meltar would confront our heroes week after week and attempt to conquer the galaxy.

Naturally Space Ghost and Crew vanquished them and were victorious. This even continued through a second TV run in 1981. Still later, apparently tired from his time as a cosmic super hero, Space Ghost retired to cable TV and became a talk show host (I still think it was his evil double Space Spectre).

In any event, Funko has not made a Space Ghost POP as of yet (Jan. 2013) so it's my duty as the Funkustomizer to resolve that.... like this:

                                              Click the pic to Enlarge.

That's Jan and Jayce, his two teenage companions helping to pilot the Phantom Cruiser. Here's a reference pic.

Transforming this trio into custom POP form was a lot of fun. Here's the recipe


1.  Head from Flash Funko POP  with ear thingies sheared off, painted.
2.  Body from Robin Funko POP, repainted.


1. Head and Body from Catwoman POP, ears sheared off and painted.


1. Head from Robin Funko POP, repainted.
2. Body from Flash Funko POP repainted.

So, for the purchase of three off the shelf POPs, you can relatively easily transform them  into this trusty trio.

You'll have to go to the Ghost Planet to get your own Phantom Cruiser though.