Brainiac (Silver Age)

Is everyone familiar with this classic Silver Age version of Brainiac, the nefarious villain of Superman?  He actually began his claim to fame in Action Comics #242 in July of 1958 (and I was born the following year!).

His most dastardly deed is shrinking the Kryptionian city of Kandor and placing it in a bottle (couldn't he just make a ship-in-a-bottle, like most people?).  Over the years, (and especially during the Silver Age of comics), Superman temporarily shrunk himself down (sometimes with friends such as Batman or Jimmy Olsen) and had adventures among the tiny Kryptonians inside.

The original Brainiac, while a robot, appeared humanoid and green (why?) until during the TV run of the Superfriends, it was decided to "ramp him up" and show only his cybernetic parts.

For some reason, I prefer the original version, green skin, goofy outfit (doesn't every robot wear black shorts and a pink shirt?) and all.

Here are the reference pics:

And our custom Funko POP Brainiac (silver age):

Here's the recipe:

  • Both the head and body are from a stock Funko POP Martian Manhunter, repainted. We've removed the cape but this time, left the cape lapels.
  • We've added Brainiac's famous shrinking gun for effect. 

 SPECIAL NOTE:  Brainiac is one of the Legion of Doom. Check our Database as we make EACH of these Supervillains, featured on the classic Superfriends TV show.